Quarantined McLaren staff return home from Australia


The McLaren team member who tested positive for coronavirus ahead of the Australian Grand Prix has returned home to the UK along with colleagues who remained quarantined in Melbourne.

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On the Thursday ahead of the Melbourne race, which was supposed to open the season on March 15, McLaren withdrew from the event when a team member tested positive for coronavirus. The race was duly cancelled the following morning.

The team member in question and 14 other McLaren team members, which included some members of team management, remained in Australia to self-isolate to stop the virus spreading further. Last week McLaren confirmed the team member who tested positive was recovering well and was symptom-free of the virus.

On Thursday, McLaren confirmed everyone had returned home safely from quarantine.

After a fellow team member tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday, the Australian medical authorities requested seven more McLaren staff to take a test for the virus. Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

The start date of the Formula One season remains in doubt due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions in place around the world. The first eight races will not take place as scheduled, with the Monaco Grand Prix cancelling its own event outright after deciding it could not fulfil its May 24 event on time.

The next race on the calendar which is still provisionally on as scheduled is the Canadian Grand Prix of June 14.

Source: espn.com

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