F1 delays 2021 rule changes due to coronavirus uncertainty


Formula One bosses and teams have agreed to push back the radical rule changes originally planned for 2021 amidst the economic uncertainty caused by coronavirus.

F1 had set aside next year to introduce a radical overhaul of car designs, which it hoped would allow for closer racing and more overtaking. However, the first seven races of the current season have been suspended indefinitely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

With F1 on hold indefinitely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Nate Saunders, Alexis Nunes and Laurence Edmondson discuss the implications on the 2020 calendar.
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To further control costs at this uncertain time, it has been agreed teams will use their 2020 chassis for 2021, with a statement on Thusday saying “the potential freezing of further components to be discussed in due course”.

The cost cap, which was part of the sweeping 2021 changes, will remain in place as planned.

F1’s teams had already united together to agree to bring forward and extend the mandatory shutdown of facilities, usually reserved to split up the season in August. Each team now must shut their factory for three consecutive weeks at some point in March and April

Source: espn.com

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