Rinku Singh made his NXT wrestling debut


When you think about it, Rinku Singh — the winner of the Indian game show and inspiration for the film "Million Dollar Arm" — had a pretty amazing baseball career. Sure, he topped out at Class A Advanced, but he also got there and posted a career 2.97 ERA in the Minors … all after having never even played a minute of baseball before going out for the competition.

His wrestling career is going a little better. Singh turned to the costumed sport a few years back, and earlier this week made his television debut with NXT — basically the Minor Leagues of the WWE.

[email protected] introduces @SuperKingofBros "to the future of the NXT tag team division!" #WWENXT @RealRinkuSingh @gurjar_saurav pic.twitter.com/o5KW2lK2BS

— WWE (@WWE) March 26, 2020

Yeah, no wonder Singh turned to wrestling. The dude is jacked:

हर हर महादेव 🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/S6LPL1NOyJ

— Rinku Rajput (@RealRinkuSingh) March 19, 2020

It's a little different from how he looked when he was in a Pirates uniform:

Singh's resume is truly incredible: He won a reality TV competition, played professional baseball and is now on TV as a pro wrestler. All he needs to do is add "professional explorer of dangerous realms" and he'll complete the 1930s pulp action hero checklist.

Source: mlb.com

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