Orioles pitcher exercises holding dog


You know when you're at the gym and the weights you use aren't available? There's some dude who's got them stockpiled up along with a bunch of others, staring into the mirror, making faces, slugging protein, grunting, slugging some more protein, grunting again and never putting the weights back so you can use them?

Just bring your dog to the gym. Lift your dog. And knock out some squats.

Taking man's best friend to the next level đŸ¶

(đŸŽ„: @BrandenKline16 ) pic.twitter.com/UjZB0i5hIz

— Baltimore Orioles (@Orioles) March 24, 2020

That's like 20-30 pounds of fluffy, lovable, happy barbell. Best friend barbell. Never-want-to-stop-holding barbell.

Orioles pitcher Branden Kline needs to start his own gym. Who wouldn't go?

Source: mlb.com

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