MLB players react to Show ratings


After taking a trip behind the scenes of MLB The Show, we now know that player ratings are based on math: Statcast, advanced metrics and other numbers in a game that's full of nothing but.

Still, that doesn't mean players won't question their ratings. They're not robots (yet) that operate based on numbers input into their operating systems. They're humans, with human feelings and opinions. So, when Bo Bichette thinks he should be rated an 84 and he hears he's actually rated a 74, that makes Bo very unhappy. In fact, Bo may have just quit baseball.

When Justin Upton, a man who's stolen 147 bases in his MLB career, hears that his speed is 30 points lower than his guess, he's incredulous. But maybe, also, inspired?

Amir Garrett might sue Sony.

Check out all the rest of the best reactions in the main video up top.


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