Mike Trout stars in MLB Opening Day 2020 video


Mike Trout has a hopeful message for baseball fans.

The three-time American League MVP Award winner was, like all other Major Leaguers, supposed to start the 2020 season on Thursday, when his Angels were scheduled to celebrate Opening Day in Houston. Instead, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic unfortunately has forced games to be suspended indefinitely, and people all over the country and around the world are practicing social distancing in an effort to limit the virus’ spread.

But, serving as narrator in a one-minute spot that MLB released Thursday morning, Trout struck a positive tone.

As the shot opens, showing ballparks around the league on Opening Days past, the word “Together” remains onscreen.

“Every year on Opening Day, we come together, to hope, to believe, to be part of a community,” Trout says.

The scene then flips to fans, finding ways to still play some ball and celebrate the game at home.

“Opening Day may be postponed, but unity, hope, and community don’t have to be,” he continues. “This is a team game, played by individuals, and every one of us has a role to play.”

To a closing shot of people sporting their favorite team’s gear, Trout adds, “Even though we are apart, we can come together.”

Even though we’re apart, we can come together. #OpeningDayAtHome pic.twitter.com/1x9VCifRje

— MLB (@MLB) March 26, 2020

Finally, the spot directs fans to visit MLB.com/COVID19resources for more information about coronavirus, how to protect themselves and their community, how to help those in need and more.

Source: mlb.com

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