Justin Verlander watched no-hitter with family


We call it spending quality family time, but we know what it really means: Someone is forcing everyone else to watch what they want. Usually, the kids are in charge, which means endless screenings of "Frozen." But on Thursday, when Major League Baseball celebrated Opening Day At Home with 30 classic games streamed across a variety of platforms, Astros hurler Justin Verlander took control of the remote.

His choice? No, not "Peaky Blinders," but his first no-hitter, which he threw as a member of the Tigers in 2007.

Screengrab via @justinverlander on Instagram

If you missed watching Verlander's no-hitter "live" when it was broadcast on Thursday morning, you can watch the game by clicking here. And if you want to follow along with the rest of the Opening Day at Home action, click here.

Source: mlb.com

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