Joe Buck calls everyday activities 


Much of the focus during this non-baseball season has been, understandably, on what baseball players are doing. Freddie Freeman is mercilessly hitting dingers off his own son, Clayton Kershaw is mastering a new sport, Justin Verlander is forcing his family to watch his greatest games.

But what about announcers? What do they do when there's no baseball to broadcast? Joe Buck, FOX broadcasting legend and high-fiver extraordinaire, is keeping himself in game shape by calling random Twitter videos people send to him. He did 12 this week and most of them are just people doing everyday, normal activities. Like grilling wings.

"Here's a guy who's frankly better at all of these things than I ever will be or even care to be."

We need to be friends.

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 24, 2020

Or getting served a drink. "Here comes the kid, a little bit tentative, wondering what's going on with dad."

TAKE 3. @kaceefreitas sends us this one of her husband @davidfreitas getting VIP service from their kids.

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 25, 2020

Or some guy stuffing Oreos into his mouth. "He tweeted this at me like 4,000 times."

I usually don't have to tweet, “Don’t try this at home,” but for the love of God, DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. @worldofisaac, if you get an @oreo deal out of this, you owe 10% to charity.

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 26, 2020

And, of course, dogs.

Booyah vs. Chance is the content we all need right now. Thanks to my @foxsports colleague @LauraOkmin for sending this in. It’s always special to take a moment and remember the great Stuart Scott.

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 26, 2020

So, during your quarantine, tweet out some of the things you're doing — no matter how mundane they might seem. Even if you don't think you're interesting, Joe Buck does.


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