Brock Holt’s son announced new baby brother


Forget gender reveals. Forget giant parties. Because once again, Brock Holt's son, Griffin, proved that you simply can't top cuteness when it comes to a birth announcement. The infielder's son, wearing his trademark blue specs (move over, Horace Grant) posed for a nicely arranged photo, but was at his best when the camera was rolling.

Rocking a skeleton onesie — which we should all be doing while we're in our homes — displayed the kind of maddening, unassailable argument that children are known for while the new Brewer desperately tried to get him to reveal the newest addition to the family.

Check it out below:

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This should be fun!

A post shared by Brock Holt (@brock_holt) on Mar 17, 2020 at 4:22pm PDT

Of course, this could be terrible for Brock's career. Griffin has already shown quite the aptitude for injuring his father — whether by scratching his eye, or nailing him with a comebacker. Now Brock will be outnumbered by his children. If they decide to team up? It could be like every children's movie ever made.


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