Baseball’s new mascot Gus


Every once in awhile, there arises a once-in-a-generation star. A figure so good at his or her craft that their impact is felt for centuries to come. You know, the Babe Ruths, the Michael Jordans, the Serena Williams' of the world. As normal, inadequate people, we can only hope that our lifeline coincides with one of them. That while we're alive, we can see these heroes in their prime.

Well today, I'm here to inform you all that one of them has come along.

Meet Gus.

Reigning social distancing champ for 250 yearsWhoisGus #IamGus #GusisMe

— Gus (@GustheFredNat) March 24, 2020

I wish there were better pictures of Gus but, alas, there are not. Look at his Twitter cover photo. You can barely see him. But as Gus might say, we "ain't here to fuss fuss."

Gus is the new mascot for the Fredericksburg Nats — the Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals. I'm not sure what he is, but he's apparently been around since the 1700s, was friends with George Washington and enjoys drinking beers in the woods by himself.

“We knew we couldn’t have George or Mary Washington go on up the dugout and shake their butt,” said Robbie Perry, the team’s vice president of creative services. “George Washington wouldn’t streak across the baseball field.”

Oh, but Gus can and Gus will.

Gus hates work and prefers chocolate chips on his hot dogs. He also doesn't seem to care what you think of him. He'll just keep being Gus — plain old, weird-looking Gus.

That's what makes Gus great. Gus is, if you drop the G, us. The very best of us.


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